Monday, October 14, 2013

The Lincoln Letter by WIlliam Martin

Brilliance Audio - 14 discs (16 hours, 26 minutes)
448 pages
Copyright  - 2012
Performed by John Pruden

Treasure hunters Peter Fallon and Evangeline Carrington are heading to Washington, D. C. to find a document of incredible historical  importance and incalculable value - Abraham Lincoln diary.

What if Lincoln wrote a diary and his thoughts during 1862 slipped from his fingers  - his thoughts about the emancipation of all slaves, his war strategies, and how the Civil War would be won?

Halsey Hutchinson, military Civil War telegrapher, finds the diary left by President Lincoln in his office and this begins the story of how Abraham Lincoln's diary changes  HH's life and the life of those around him.

Will the diary be used for good or will the diary be lost our nation?

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