Tuesday, January 14, 2014

  "Rosemary Cottage : a Hope Beach novel" by Colleen Coble

This story takes place in the beautiful Outer Banks of South Carolina at Rosemary Cottage. Rosemary Cottage is a cottage that has been in Amy Lang's family for generations, and she is hoping to figure out if the loss of her brother, Ben, was really an accident or not, as well as grieve his loss. This has been bothering her since it happened. She is determined to find out more about what happened because to her, Ben's strength as a swimmer does not add up to an 'accident', in her mind. She has a gut feeling something is off, and she is even ready to move her midwifery practice there to that location to work if that is what it will take her to find out. She misses her brother dearly, and won't accept his death until she knows for sure what really happened.
Meet Curtis Ireland, a Coast Guard Officer who lives in the area. He has a sister, Gina, who also died in a swimming accident as well. She, too, is a very strong swimmer, and had dreams of winning a gold medal in swimming in the Olympics until 'life' happened to her. That life is now a seven month old little girl she named Raine. In the Prologue of the book we learn her death may very well 'not' have been an accident, the way it was described. Now Raine is left to Curtis to raise, and we get to see just how he handles this huge task!
We have two people who are on a quest to find out exactly what happened to their siblings in what sounds like very similar swimming accidents. Both Amy and Curtis are single, not necessarily looking for love, yet both have so much in common, right to the loss of their siblings. Can and do sparks end up flying between Amy and Curtis while on this quest? This is, after all, Contemporary Romantic Suspense, so it could be!  (Available in large print) 546 pages

I'm a huge fan of Colleen Coble's romantic suspense novels, and Rosemary Cottage did not disappoint!

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