Thursday, February 27, 2014

Death Angel: a novel by Linda Fairstein

Hardcover: 369 p.
Publisher: Dutton Books; 2013

Summary: "ADA Alexandra “Coop” Cooper, a Manhattan sex crimes prosecutor digs into the history of Central Park when the murdered body of a teenage girl is found near Bethesda Fountain with its angel statuette. With help from detective pals Mercer Wallace and Mike Chapman, Coop soon connects the crime to the park’s forgotten 19th-century black enclave, Seneca Village, and a railroad tycoon who fashioned extravagant figurines for his daughter. Simmering under the tense investigation is the chemistry between Mike and Coop—which eventually kindles the wrath of Mike’s ex-lover, Judge Jessica Pell. After another female victim turns up, Coop gets on the trail of a rapist will a tell-tale clue—the words “Kill Coop” tattooed on his hand." Publishers Weekly

My thoughts: The Alexandra Cooper novels are a fast read. This is the 15th in the series. Like all series, it is easier to read the books in order, however, Fairstein does a good job in updating the reader of past events. I love the way Ms Fairstein, picks an area in New York, and weaves the history of the area into her novels.  The reader always comes away with a bit of history besides a good read.

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