Tuesday, March 25, 2014

W is for Wasted (Kinsey Millhone Mystery) by Sue Grafton

  • Series: Kinsey Millhone Mystery (Book 23)
  • Hardcover: 496 pages
  • Publisher: A Marian Wood Book/Putnam; First Edition edition (September 10, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0399158987
  • ISBN-13: 978-0399158988
  • Audio: Judy Kaye, narrator.

Summary:  "From Book List-Wasted lives, wasted time, and wasted opportunities are at the heart of this twenty-third entry in the long-running Kinsey Millhone series, which reveals how the deaths of two very different men impact Kinsey’s life. The first man, Pete Wolinsky, found murdered in a local park, is a shady PI for whom Kinsey has little respect; the second, R. T. Dace, is an alcoholic vagrant who not only turns out to be Kinsey’s relative but also leaves her a half-million bucks. Armed with news of R. T.’s death, Kinsey sets out to learn more about him and why he disinherited his immediate family. The clever twists of V Is for Vengeance are mostly absent here, and readers will need to wade through a lot of story before Wolinsky’s connection to Dace comes clear. But Grafton hasn’t lost her touch for characterization. Nobody in the cast is a stereotype, and it’s the clash of personalities and interpersonal dynamics that provide the appeal here. Nearing the conclusion of this celebrated series, Grafton continues to shape Millhone’s character, toughened by circumstance but still both understanding and forgiving.  --Stephanie Zvirin "

My Thoughts:  I enjoy the Kinsey Millhone stories.  The time period is always the same, basically the 1980's. I did keep wondering in the beginning how the two story tied in together.  It wasn't until very near the end of the book that the two stories came together. The Pete Wolinksy murder was secondary to the story, and I often wonder if Ms Gafton added that to make the story more of a mystery.  With only two letters left in the alphabet, will Kinsey move on to numbers and the 1990s?

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