Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Melody of Secrets by Jeffrey Stepakoff

Melody of Secrets
Jeffrey Stepakoff

Maria was barely eighteen as WWII was coming to its explosive end. A brilliant violinist, she tried to comfort herself with the Sibelius Concerto as American bombs rained down. James Cooper wasn't much older. A roguish fighter pilot stationed in London, he was shot down during a daring night raid and sought shelter in Maria’s cottage.
Fifteen years later, in Huntsville, Alabama, Maria is married to a German rocket scientist who works for the burgeoning U.S. space program. Her life in the South is at peace, purposefully distanced from her past. Everything is as it should be—until James Cooper walks back into it.

Pulled from the desert airfield where he was testing planes no sane Air Force pilot would touch, and drinking a bit too much, Cooper is offered the chance to work for the government, and move himself to the front of the line for the astronaut program. He soon realizes that his job is to report not only on the rocket engines but also on the scientists developing them. Then Cooper learns secrets that could shatter Maria’s world...

Pages:  261
St. Martin's Press
c2013, ISBN 9781250001092

My Thoughts:  I enjoyed this story of Maria and an unknown aspect of WWII history.  It opened up another WWII story that I had never heard of, bringing German SS scientists to America and  the part they played in the United States space program.  Since I grew up in the late 50's and 60's, I remember the "bomb shelters" and preparing for the bomb to drop.  As a grade school student, we were told to get under our desk if the "bomb" was dropped.  I don't think that the authorities had thought that one out.  

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