Saturday, April 5, 2014

Redwood Bend, by Robyn Carr
Katie Malone has packed up her Vermont house and is headed West to Virgin River and her brother Conner. Now, with two hungry five-year-olds and a spate of rain coming down, her travel along the beautiful mountain road is stopped short by a flat tire. While Katie struggles to change the tire, she encounters four bikers on a road trip. Since she can't even loosen the tire's lug nuts and cell service is non-existent, she waves them down. The first biker, an enormous man, insists on changing the tire and enlists his buddies to help. While two of them place safety markers along the road, the fourth biker, Dylan helps with the tire. When Katie gets a look at Dylan, her senses go into overdrive. Dylan Childress is a hottie whose arresting face could grace any billboard. Katie thinks she recognizes him as a child film star.

My comment
  I have read several of the Virgin River novels.  Each one of them leaves me with a good feeling the there are still places in this world that neighbors help neighbors and love doing it.  This would be a great place to live.

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