Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

Winter Garden
Kristin Hannah

  •  448 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
  • 20011

The Whitson family is rocked by the sudden death of patriarch Evan, a warm, loving man who doted on his two adult daughters, Meredith and Nina, and his reserved Russian wife, Anya. Meredith, who runs the family business, and Nina, a photojournalist whose job takes her to war zones around the world, have never been able to connect with their cold, forbidding mother. When Anya begins to act strangely, Meredith thinks she belongs in a nursing home, but Nina decides to try to fulfill her father’s dying wish and get her mother to tell her and Meredith the elaborate fairy tales she used to share with them. Anya is initially reluctant, but once she begins, Nina realizes these tales are actually the story of Anya’s life in Stalinist Leningrad. Meredith and Nina decide to attempt to uncover the truth about their mother’s tragic past in the hope of understanding her, and themselves. Though the novel starts off fairly maudlin, it evolves into a gripping read, although it’s a tearjerker. Hannah’s previous books, including Firefly Lane (2008) and True Colors (2009), are tailor-made for book clubs, and her audience should find plenty to discuss in this equally enthralling entry. --Kristine Huntley  - Booklist

My thoughts- The really enjoy Kristin Hannah's stories and Winter Garden is very good.  The story is two stories within the story.  We listen to the fairy tale that Meredith and Nina's mother tells and we discover the truth behind the tale.  Meredith and Nina all of their lives believe that their mother does not love them but when they hear the ending of the  fairy tale - they know why their mother has seem so far away from them.

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