Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Big Little Lies by Laine Moriarity

Pages :  280
Publisher:  Putnam

Just what are the "Big Little Lies"?  As the story begins, we know that there has been a murder but we don't know who has been murdered and who did it.  We know that it happened in "Trivia Night" at the school.  Set in Australia, we find our three central characters, Jane, Madeline, and Celeste in the middle of lies.  Madeline is having to deal with her ex-husband and his new family moving near by and the fear that her teenage daughter will choose her father's new family over her.  Celeste, a very beautiful woman, married to the well-to-do handsome with two twin boys has life that is seems to be falling apart but why?  Jane, a single mother, moves into the community and immediately finds her 5 year old son being accused of bullying in his new school.  Live are not as they seem on the outside as we learn more about the residents of this community.   How do "big little lies" change lives and just what are "big little lies"?

My Thoughts: I enjoyed this book very much, it was a look at how well meaning and often forgettable lies can come back to hurt a person and the people they love in the end.  I would recommend this for book groups, a lot of issues and situations to make a lively discussion.

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