Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Homecoming: a novel by Bernhard Schlink

The Homecoming: a novel 
by Bernhard Schlink

274 pages
Publisher:  Alfred A. Knopf

A child of WWII, Peter Debauer grew up with his mother and a few memories of his father, a victim of war.   Peter begins a search for his father's story and his father.   Peter creates a man who uses words to stay alive.  Peter's search takes him to New York with the hope of seeing his father.   He meets the famous political  science professor,  John de Baur who is know for his incendiary philosophy and charismatic rapport with student and who may change his life forever.  Will Peter learn who his father is and let that story define him  or will his love for Barbara win.

My thoughts;  I enjoyed the beginning of the book and would have liked to have more in the story of Peter and his grandparents given to us but after the  war years.   The story, however, becomes more complicated and contrived as Peter grows up and begins the search for his father and the ending of his grandparents story.    

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