Wednesday, October 1, 2014


A RANDOM ACT by Cindy Broaddus
Copyright 2005
209 pages

Cindi Broaddus didn't realize that her life was about to be forever changed as she sat in the passenger seat of her car on a lonely highway, speeding toward the airport in the early morning of June 2001.  The sister-in-law of Dr. Phil McGraw, a single mother of three, and a new grandmother, was thinking only about her much anticipated vacation when a gallon glass jar filled with sulfuric acid, tossed from an overpass by an unknown person, came crashing through the windshield.  Cindi was showered with glass and flesh-eating liquid, leaving her blinded, screaming in agony, and burned almost beyond recognition.  When she reached the hospital, the attending doctors gave her a little better than a 30 percent chance of even surviving.

But, Cindi did survive, and after many years of recuperation and what seemed to be endless sessions of skin grafts and reconstructive surgery, she emerged from her horrible ordeal in many ways stronger than she had ever been.

This is a very remarkable story of courage, hope and overcoming the odds.

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