Friday, January 9, 2015

WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? By Spencer Johnson

by Spencer Johnson
ISBN 0399144463
94 pages

This book is a simple parable that reveals ways to deal with change in your work and life. 
It is about two mice (Sniff and Scurry) and two little people (Hem and Haw) who are looking for cheese.  The cheese is a metaphor for what we want in life (like a job, relationships or power).  The maze is a metaphor for where you spend your time looking for what you want (within an organization, community or home).  Every day these characters run through a maze looking for cheese.  They all find it, but then the cheese one day disappears.  The characters all deal with the change in different ways.  Sniff-sniffs out change early and is not caught off guard, Scurry-scurries into action to find new cheese, Hem--denies and resists change through fear and Haw-learns to adapt when he can see something better.

Here are some helpful things we can learn from this book.

*  If you do not change--you can become extinct.
*  Move with change and learn to enjoy it.
*  Change happens.
*  Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again and again.
*  The quicker you adapt to change, the sooner you can enjoy it.

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