Monday, February 9, 2015

Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier

Daphe DuMaurier

Pages:  380
Copyright:  1971, 1938
Publisher:  Avon Books 

I read this book as a member of a book club selection.  We decided to read a classic novel this was chosen.

As well as a classic novel, the story has been made into several film versions.  The best know film adaptation was from 1940 and directed by Alfred Hitchcock starring Joan Fontaine, Lawrence Olivier, Judith Anderson, and George Sanders.   This movie version won two academy awards including Best Cinematography and Best Production with a total of 11 nominations.   Several other versions have been made.

The story Gothic type mystery revolves around the new bride of Maxim DeWinter and her learning about the mysterious first Mrs. DeWinter.  The young bride is brought to Manderley by her new husband and is clearly seen as the outsider by all at Manderley.  Mrs. Danvers, the first Mrs. DeWinter's personal maid, is very suspicious of the new Mrs. DeWinter and feels that she will make unwanted changes at Manderley.

The new Mrs DeWinter very soon is aware that things are not as beautiful and lovely within the walls of Manderley as they appear on the outside and what the rest of the world sees or thinks of Manderley.  

I enjoyed this story.  In my younger years, I liked to read the Gothic romance novel and this is a very good representation of that genre.  As a classic novel, the story has achieved the expectation of lasting and being as good of a story today as it was in 1938.

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