Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas

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We Are Not Ourselves
Matthew Thomas

Simon & Schuster
640 Pages

This is a story of Eileen and what her hopes and dreams came to.  She always has the desire to "move up" in the world and was never really happy in with her lot in life.  As Eileen grows up and ventures out in the world she is always looking at how her life could be better.

When Eileen marries and has a son, she expects her husband and child to want the same things that she wants but we soon find out that we cannot make those plans for anyone else because they may have ideas of their own.  

Alzheimer's disease becomes a major part of their lives and how Eileen's plans change at that point.  

Ed's disease, Connell's rebelliousness, and Eileens's drive upward create a story of love and love lost.

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