Friday, April 10, 2015

The Readers' Advisory Guide to Horror, Second edition by Becky Siegel Spratford

184 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-1112-9
Year Published: 2012

ALAstore review:

Vampires, zombies, ghosts, and ghoulies: there are more things going bump in the night than ever. So how do you wend your way through all of them to find the ones that interest a particular reader? RA expert Spratford updates her advisory to include the latest in monsters and the macabre, including
  • Lists of recommended titles, authors, and sub-genres, all cross-referenced for quick reference
  • Tips for effectively practicing horror RA, with interview questions for gauging a reader’s interests
  • An expanded resources section, with an overview addressing the current state of horror lit, and suggestions of how to dig deeper
As both an introductory guide for librarians just dipping their toes into the brackish water of scary fiction, as well as a fount of new ideas for horror-aware reference staff, Spratford’s book is infernally appropriate.

My thoughts:   I don't often read this genre but it did offer many ideas on how to help patrons with their selections.  The author also gave suggestions of displaying horror books in displays throughout the year, along with her favorite website, books and databases for locating reading material for the horror reader. There are chapters on all the different types of horror and each offered books and author suggestions. 

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