Thursday, May 28, 2015

Education of a Traitor by Svetlana Grobman

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The Education of a Traitor :
 A Memior of Growing Up In Cold War Russia


Svetlana Grobman

Publisher: Musings Publishing
Copyright:  2015
Pages:  298

This memoir is the story of Svetlana's memories as a child growing up in the Soviet Union following World War II and under the rule of Khrushchev.   Her family is one of the few Jewish families remaining in Moscow and struggling to make a living under Soviet rule.  Life was not easy for any family in Russia.  Choices, knowledge, and the needs for daily living were very limited for the Russian citizens. 

One story Svetlana recounts is how they country denied proper educaiton to their children.  Svetlana wanted to transfer to a different school because she believed she would get a better chance at going to college at the other school.  She took the test to get in and passed.  When she asked the principal for the papers needed to change school she was told that she was a "traitor" and the principal would not give them to her. Like transferring to another school - life was always a challenge.  

Growing up, I remember learning some things about the USSR but always was curious about how it really was since information between the USSR and the US was not shared and Svetlana's story filled in some of that information.   

Svetlana Grobman eventually does come to America and Librarians in Missouri may know Svetlana as a librarian at Daniel Boone Regional Libraries.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to learning more about life in the Soviet Union from Svetlana Grobman.

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