Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Dead Will Tell by Linda Castillo

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The Dead Will Tell
Linda Castillo

Publisher:  St. Martin's Press
Pages:  352
Copyright:  2015

Linda Castillo has created another story for ex-Amish Police Chief Kate Burkholder.   Kate is called to the apparent suicide of a man hanging from the rafters of a barn.  The death does not look like a suicide to Kate and as she investigate this death - another dead man turns up in Painter's Mill.  Kate suspects that there is a connection to a long closed case of a death of an Amish man, his wife and four children.  To confuse the  situation, several other prominent members of the community have received cryptic messages similar to the dead men.

Kate and Tomasetti have continued their relationship and in fact have moved in together but Tomasetti is not around much to help Kate solve this mystery because he is once again reminded of the death of his wife and two children when the murderer is released from prision.

I enjoyed this book and will read more of the Kate Burkholder series.

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