Friday, July 24, 2015

Finding Jacob by Bryan Reardon

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Finding Jake by Bryan Reardon

William Morrow, 2015
272 pages

Simon a stay-at-home dad  of two teens, Jake and Laney, gets an emergency text from his children's high school that there has been a shooting.   All of the  parents begin to assemble at a church near the school and Simon watches as other students enter the church to meet their parents.  Finally, Laney shows up, but not his son, Jake. They hear that there were two shooters and one is friend of Jake, a boy named Doug.  Doug is different from others, but Jake, following Simon's advice, always tried to be nice to Doug. The police believe that Jake was Doug's accomplice. Over the next few days, angry neighbors, the media, and the police as they try to find out where Jake is and what really happened.  Simon thinks back over Jake's life to find some answers and clues to what has happened to Jake.  Can Simon put the piece together to solve this horrible tragedy and find Jake?  This is an interesting look at the other side of a tragedy - not from the victims side but from the suspect's side.

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