Friday, July 24, 2015

Memory Man by David Baldacci

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Memory Man by David Baldacci
Grand Central Publishing, 2015
416 pages

David Baldacci in his latest novel,  Memory Man, introduces us to another character who is unlike anything you’ve read before. Amos Decker is an ex-football star and a highly decorated ex-cop. Life has a way of dealing cruel and harsh blows and Decker, a  promising professional football player has his career cut short by an accident during his first game. The injury begins  a new way of life, resulting in a condition of possessing an extremely detailed autobiographical memory wherein he forgets nothing. Grisly murders of his loved ones deal him another blow.  The chance arrest of Sebastian Leopold who was suspected of being involved in a mass shooting at the local high school brought his family's cold case back to life, and reunites Decker with his former partner, detective Mary Lancaster.   They have to dig deep to close the cold cases. 

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