Thursday, August 27, 2015

Citizens Creek by Lalita Tademy

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Citizens Creek
Lalita Tademy

Atria Books
Pages:  432

Lalita Tademy  has brought to life Cow Tom and his family growing and surviving during the great Indian removal and the Civil War.  Cow Tom, a black slave of the Creek Indians, is a linguist and is hired by the United States government to help the military remove the Seminoles from Florida.  With the money received for  this work, Cow Tom hopes to earn enough money to buy his and his wife's freedom.  He also hopes to find his mother who was captured by the Seminoles when Cow Tom was just a boy.  So begins the legacy of Cow Tom and his family.

Rose, Cow Tom's granddaughter, is given the family stories by Cow Tom on his death bed and Rose vows to keep the family together and remain proud of her Creek heritage.

I found the story a wonderful adventure and a great family story.  A story of perseverance and a look at American history that is not talked about in most history books.

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