Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some Luck by Jane Smiley

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Some Luck


Jane Smiley

Pages:  416

Some Luck begins in the 1920's on Walter Langdon's 25th birthday in Denby, Iowa.  Walter and Rosanne and their son Frank are just beginning the life as a Midwestern farm family.  They have purchased a home near their families and here they will raise their family.  The story follows the family through the depression, the Dust Bowls days, World War II and modernization of the family farm.

We see Frankie, Joe, Mary Elizabeth, Lillian, Henry, & Claire as they grow from babies to adults.  As in most families, each child is his own person and we learn how they all are important in the parts of this farm family.  With the birth of each child a new chapter is written and each child brings a unique aspect to the family.

This is the first novel in a proposed trilogy that will follow the Langdon family.

I enjoyed this book, I have enjoyed other Jane Smiley novels and this one did not disappoint.  I was fun to follow the Langdon family as they go through life. It will be interesting to see how the second generation of Langdon children fare in the next volume of the trilogy.

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